The building speaks its own language

Design and construction of Sanders Building Erasmus School of Law

The faculty building of Erasmus School of Law has undergone a radical makeover. Leading architect and former Chief Government Architect Jo Coenen has succeeded in transforming this relatively inward-looking building – conceived by his former teacher, architect Wim Quist – into a more open and transparent embodiment of Academy of the Future. The architectural parameters were set by the faculty itself, so that the building can be said to have been hardwired with the DNA of the academic organisation.

The building speaks its own language is the record of an unprecedented adventure. An account of what happens when the academic world leaps from its ivory tower and lets art, architecture and poetry unleash its creative spirit.
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Over de auteur(s)

 Helen Stout is a law professor at Erasmus School of Law and Scientific Director of ESL Centre for Law, Art & Innovation.
Ilja Walraven is an independant artist.


Helen StoutIlja Walraven
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17,5 x 24,6 cm
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