Pictures speak louder than words

25 years of Gallery Atelier Herenplaats Rotterdam

Within 25 years what started with a beermat became the most
successful Gallery Atelier for outsider art in the Netherlands. This
wonderfully illustrated book Pictures
speak louder than words documents the rich and lively history of Galerie
Atelier Herenplaats
and its artists. Bizarrely beautiful work, collected all
over the world and exhibited in countries like Switzerland, Japan and the
United States, the book also shows Herenplaats’ struggle, dedication and
conviction to ensure that outsider art is accorded the respect it deserves. A
book as a journey far beyond the borders of the familiar. Fascinating, irresistible,
and amazing: the world of outsider art.

Herenplaatsmanagers Frits Gronert and Richard Bennaars: ‘This
book, isn’t just an art book, it’s a book in which we take you to the world of
outsider art, a world that will surprise and amaze you. We began Galerie
Atelier Herenplaats with six artists in 1991, and 41 work here now. We present
the thing that they are incredibly good at in this book: their visual art work.
We present a total of 53 Herenplaats artists who work, or have worked, with us
since we started.

Our book illustrates 25 turbulent years, the living history
of our atelier. Our artist’s story, with thorough, enlightening articles about
the themes which keep recurring in their work, religion, eroticism, horror
vacui and transport, as well as a beautiful photo report about working at our

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Art, Rotterdam
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23 x 30 cm

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